Mowi Poland S.A. is the part of the Norwegian Mowi ASA, which is the largest producer of farmed Atlantic salmon in the world and a leading supplier of fish and seafood products. We have branches in 24 countries including Norway, Scotland, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Chile, Ireland and Poland, where one of the largest and one of the most advanced salmon processing plants in the world is located – Mowi Ustka. We employ in total over 12,000 people, more than four thousand of whom are employed in our processing plants and offices in Poland. By offering products on more than 70 markets, we meet one fifth of the global demand for salmon. This puts us firmly in the lead in the industry.


To provide the highest quality products, we continually invest major resources in research, development of new technologies and a continuous improvement of Atlantic salmon farming and processing.


Having been operating for more than half a century, we are the only company in the world that can boast full control over Atlantic salmon farming, processing and delivery of final products to our customers.


We are the only farming company to produce our own, healthy and environmentally-responsible feed for our fish. We have our own hatcheries and fry production, marine farms, processing plants and our own sales network.