Light, healthy products are definitely gaining in popularity nowadays. Consequently, consumers more and more often reach for commercially available fresh fish. As the demand grows, the quantity of the fish caught increases, which brings the problem of overfishing of the seas and oceans and shrinking world fish stocks.

As a consequence, the philosophy of sustainable development and aquaculture becomes of utmost importance. Aquaculture means farming aquatic organisms in order to increase food production. Sustainable development is an activity in which the needs of the present generation can be met without diminishing the chances of our descendants.

Our farms are managed sustainably, responsibly and in an environmentally friendly way. We do our best to provide our salmon with the best conditions for life and growth. We control the number of fish in each farm, we care about the proper diet of fish and their health. We feed them exclusively with antibiotic-free feed produced by us. Our employees undergo the training that develops environmental awareness; they have the necessary knowledge about environmental risks and ways to minimize them.

Thanks to all these actions, we can guarantee that our customers purchase healthy, tasty and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality.