By 2021, Mowi Poland S.A. will become a leading supplier of fresh and frozen fish in the Polish market. The main sources of our success are related to: the highest quality of delivered products, unmatched market knowledge, and understanding customer and consumer preferences.


We are differentiated from our competitors by innovation, rapid development, maximum food security and our control of the Atlantic salmon farming and processing, as well as by our aim to achieve full satisfaction in our customers from the use of our products.

We wish to educate the public and encourage healthy living, using a diet containing the highest quality fish and seafood products.


Every customer is important to us. We pride ourselves on the fact that our business portfolio includes cooperation with both global brands as well as with entrepreneurs who offer local concepts and tastes.


We reach the final consumer of our products both through partnerships with large retail chains and smaller local companies.


Fast delivery and an ability to adapt to market requirements make Mowi Poland S.A. a dream business partner for the leading retail chains and the HoReCa industry.



We realize that our ambitious and committed employees are vital co-authors of our success. That is why we employ the best people! We continually improve their qualifications, knowledge and skills. This strategy makes Mowi Poland S.A. one of the most attractive employers in the Polish FMCG market.  




We work to build bridges between our passion, pride, innovative ideas and hard work and the challenges of sustainability. Our involvement is guided by four main values: Passion, Change, Trust and Sharing.



The passion we work with and the contribution we make to our products is the key to our success—it is what distinguishes Mowi employees.


Change is a standard for Mowi—it is the value that puts our organization at the cutting edge in the seafood processing industry. The goal of the company and its employees is to continually improve and increase their skills. We are ready to change and we are constantly striving to improve our activities..


We are committed to addressing the social and environmental challenges facing the seafood processing industry. Social responsibility and sustainable development are deeply rooted in every level of our organization and are at the heart of our corporate culture. Trust is the essence of everything we do: our actions provide safe, tasty and healthy food—we keep this promise.


It is extremely important to enhance our efficiency by sharing knowledge and experience with others. We promote the culture of openness and cooperation both inside and outside the company. This approach creates a number of opportunities for employees to contribute to the company.