MOWI – new premium brand products


Along with the change of the company’s name from Marine Harvest to Mowi, the company plans to introduce products of a newly-created premium brand MOWI to selected European markets (initially Poland and France) in the first half of 2019.
Change of the company’s name and introduction of our own product brand is for us a way of returning to our roots –to the time when, 50 years ago, Thor Mowinckel, one of salmon farming pioneers, launched and operated our company under the name of AS Mowi. The name of the new brand – MOWI– is also a reference to the unique salmon breed from the first farms of the same name.
MOWI is a premium brand. This will be emphasised by displaying salmon products in the new packaging line, which is already generating excellent results in consumer research. Introduction of our own brand will allow the company to make full use of the potential of changes which are to transform our global corporation into a branded company open to the current needs of its clients.