The packaging of MOWI “speaks for itself”


MOWI means a new brand and new packaging. MOWI products will be available on the market in the first half of 2019 and in packaging that will allow the brand to “speak for itself”. Why? Because the main attributes of the new packaging are transparency, simplicity and functionality.

Andreas Jahler, Mowi brand director, explains the reasoning behind the new packaging line as follows:We spend three years taking great care of our fish, along our entire value chain, to produce tasty premium salmon. That is why it is so important that this unique product is presented in a “perfect and consistent” way for the entire brand.



The new product was presented during the Capital Markets Day in Edinburgh, where Andreas Jahler highlighted the attributes of the MOWI brand packaging - its transparency, simplicity, and functionality.

The idea of selling whole salmon in transparent packaging aims to showcase not only the premium brand product itself, but also the MOWI brand name.
The distinctive elements of the packaging of the new MOWI brand products are also a reflection of the principles which guide the company’s salmon farming and production activities. Transparency emphasises our high breeding standards and is the key to gaining consumer confidence. Simplicity underlines the fact that salmon is tasty in itself and does not require many additions. Functionality, in turn, is a feature that reminds customers of the benefits of eating salmon: maintaining their health and well-being.

MOWI brand products will be introduced to selected European markets already in the first half of 2019.