Fresh salmon HOG

Gutted fish with head on, not descaled. The salmon are available in sizes from 1 kg to 9+ kg. Supplied in expanded polystyrene ice boxes with a total weight of about 21kg.

Fresh salmon fillets

Fillets are made by the trimming the whole fish, i.e. cutting and removing the unwanted parts of the fish. Using fillets reduces the time it takes to prepare a meal and reduces the amount of waste after preparing it. Trims A, B, C, D and E are available in our offer, where A is least trimmed and E is trimmed to provide only the best part of the fillet.

Frozen salmon fillets

The freshly trimmed fillets are shock frozen. Each fillet may be individually packed in a vacuum bag (VAC) or covered with ice (glazing). Both methods exclude air access so the fillets retain close to 100% of the product quality at the time of freezing.

Cold smoked salmon

The cold smoked salmon is produced exclusively from the best fillets, smoked in a traditional manner, using sustainable beech tree chippings. The beech imparts a delicious aroma and taste. Apart from salt, no spices are added for smoking.