ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) is an international non-profit organization that sets environmental and social standards to certify responsible and well-managed fish farms. This contributes to the availability of seafood, the health of the oceans and the maintenance of local communities that rely on this business in the long-term.


The ASC standard is recognized worldwide as the most restrictive and credible. Thanks to this, consumers are confident that ASC certified fish and seafood come from sustainable sources that protect the environment. Any organization that wants to use ASC logo must go through the supply chain certification process conducted by an independent certification body.


Almost all farms belongs to Mowi (and all of them by 2020) are certified as meeting the ASC standard, which means that our fish grow in conditions that are optimal both for the fish and for the environment.


The certificate also confirms our strict compliance with fish feeding requirements. Our fish is an antibiotic-free product.


- What does ASC logo on products stand for? -

  • It guarantees that the ASC product comes from a certified farm whose employees make considerable efforts to minimize negative environmental impacts, protect the seas and oceans to ensure future fish stocks and comply with strict nutritional requirements and social responsibility rules.
  • The manufacturer whose products are identified with the ASC logo pursues a wide range of innovative activities and follows the principles of responsible aquaculture.
  • It guarantees that the product is produced in line with strict farming practices that reduce any negative impact on the environment and that the product is of the highest quality.

While shopping, choose certified salmon from Mowi