Food safety is of paramount importance to us. Our production standards and quality management systems allow us to ensure product safety, complete traceability and the highest quality that our customers expect from us.


Every year, thousands of samples are taken and subjected to comprehensive testing at each processing stage. Along with technological process monitoring, these operations ensure that Mowi is a global provider of high quality products, deeply trusted by the retailers and HoReCa representatives from around the world.


Mowi is the only company in the world to fully control the entire process of preparing Atlantic salmon products, from the composition of the feed, its production, the selection of the best salmon eggs, farming, to the final product on the shelves. This process also includes investments in new technologies that enable sustainable aquaculture to be environmentally friendly and in collaboration with local communities.


Food safety and hygiene standards for the production of Atlantic salmon are confirmed by numerous certifications issued by independent accreditation bodies. In total, they provide a guarantee of quality, reliability and food safety to our Clients with regard to the entire assortment included in our offer.