Mowi's traceability system allows tracing back of every single product packaging, e.g. on store shelves, and the batch number and date accuracy provide the information on how and when the product was made, and the source of the raw material.

The origin of each fish and other elements is recorded at the time of delivery to the processing plant and is associated with the batch code on the packaging of the finished product. Identification includes vendor data, product specifications and date and time of delivery.


Fish and other products are monitored throughout the entire production process up to the packaging stage of the product and also in the marketing cycle, including delivery points and customer data. All of this information is associated with the batch code on the product packaging, so we are sure that the product that arrives on your tables is of the highest quality.

The traceability system complies with the specifications of our certifications, including those issued by the International Featured Standards (IFS) and the British Retail Consortium (BRC).